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Tanning Packages

20 Minute Bed
5 Sessions.....$25.00*
10 Sessions....$40.00*
20 Sessions....$60.00*
1 Month Unlimited
New customers tan for $1.00* their first time visiting our salon (up to 12 minutes).
Customers receive a FREE tan if they visit the salon on their birthday.
17 year olds will need parental or legal guardian consent to tan
Stand Up Bed
Perfect for those who opt for the convience of standing
15 Minutes....$12.00*
50 Minutes....$35.00*
100 Minutes...$50.00*
200 Minutes...$70.00*
17 year olds will need parental or legal guardian consent to tan
Trouble Tanning your neck and face?
15 Minute bed with a 3 way face tanner
10 Minute Session...$5.00*
15 Minute Session....$7.50*
5 Sessions...$30.00*
17 year olds will need parental or legal guardian consent to tan
High Pressure Bed
Tan Quickly! With Fewer Sessions
Great for those who are difficult to tan
First time user 12 Minutes...$15.00*
12 Minutes....$20.00*
24 Minutes....$30.00*
120 Minutes...$100.00*
17 year olds will need parental or legal guardian consent to tan
UV-Free Tanning
Applies in seconds, last for days
16 yr olds and younger can use UV Free tanning without parental consent
Clear or Bronze Level 1 (Light)
1 Session....$25.00/ with moisturizer $27.50
2 Sessions...$30.00 /with moisturizer $35.00
3 Sessions...$50.00/ with moisturizer $57.50
4 Sessions...$65.00 /with moisturizer $75.00
5 Sessions...$75.00 /with moisturizer $87.50
Clear or Bronze Level 2 (Medium)
1 Session....$30.00/ with moisturizer $32.50
2 Sessions...$35.00/ with moisturizer $40.00
3 Sessions...$55.00/ with moisturizer $62.50
4 Sessions...$70.00/ with moisturizer $80.00
5 Sessions...$80.00/ with moisturizer $92.50
Clear or Bronze Level 3(Dark)
1 Session....$35.00/ with moisturizer $37.50
2 Sessions...$40.00/ with moisturizer $45.00
3 Sessions...$60.00/ with moisturizer $67.50
4 Sessions...$75.00/ with moisturizer $85.00
5 Sessions...$85.00/ with moisturizer $105.00

Eye Protection, Nose plugs and Lip balm are required
and will need to be purchased.
4 Month Membership
1time fee of $35.00*
$2.00* each time you tan
$5.00* each time you use a Stand up bed
$15.00 Level 2 (Clear) Versa Spa
Lifetime Membership
 $14.99 to join
$25.00* a month- unlimited tanning (20 minute beds)
10% discount on all items in the store
10% discount on all sale items
Receive $40.00 in Bonus Bucks
Receive a Versa Spa session FREE
Free Upgrade Session
Free week pass for a friend
25% off a bottle of lotion the day you join
Stand-up 15 minutes....$4.75*
VHR 5 sessions....$15.00*
High Pressure 12 minutes....$10.00*
Versa Spa session....$10.00
FREE VHR or Standup session on your birthday
*All prices will be subject to 10% tan tax at time of purchase
Gift Cards available
Eye protection is a MUST here at T'eaz Tanning Salon. You MUST show FDA approved eye protection prior to tanning. You will be asked to show them at EVERY visit. You may bring your own or choose from our variety of reusable or disposable products. We also have eye protection available that you may use free of charge. They will need to be returned before leaving the salon.
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